9 Ways to Supercharge Your Press Release

Today’s press release needs to keep up with the times. It should be “sociable” and connected, just like the people reading it.

To supercharge your press release, “socialize” it!  Every press release you write from today on, should include:

  1. A Twitter pitch.  Sell the story in your press release in less than 140 characters (so that you can leave room for #3).   Make it saucy enough that someone wants to Retweet it and click on the link to read more.
  2. Your company or product’s Twitter handle.  Just make sure you’ve got someone available to respond.
  3. A shortened, trackable URL .  Use bit.ly or a program like Argyle Social to shorten the link to your press release, and track clicks. No clicks? Then you’re talking to the wrong people or need to adjust your Twitter message.
  4. Links to your social networks.  Not only should you include your company’s actual Twitter handle, but link to it as well. Also include links to your company’s Facebook,  LinkedIn or Google+ page.
  5. Keywords. Google puts a lot less emphasis on keywords, but that doesn’t mean it is time to yank them from your press releases either.  Many newswires ask for keywords when submitting your news release, so have them selected and included in your release for easy posting.
  6. Video.  The more interactive you can make your release, the better. Press releases with videos get higher open rates.
  7. Photos. From product shots to head shots, photos will help tell your story. Include them.
  8. Link to your website. This is an obvious one, right?
  9. Link to your company or product’s FacebookTwitter and LinkedIn pages. 

Once you “socialize” your press release, post it to sites like Pitch Engine, which is the very place where you can post a social press release with all of these elements.

Every successful relationship starts with a conversation.

Start exploring a new approach to your Franchise Development Marketing efforts today.