919 Marketing Company has bridged a fruitful relationship between its client, Rosen Law Firm, the leading divorce firm in North Carolina, and Zipland Interactive, an Israel-based game manufacturing company who is maker of Earthquake in Zipland, the first research-based psychological computer game designed for children of divorce.

In a recent ABA Journal article entitled, ‘It’s Game on for Family Lawyers,’ Rosen Law Firm was featured as being the first divorce law firm in the nation to use Earthquake in Zipland as part of its services. The firm also gained recognition for taking a cutting-edge approach to counseling its clients and offering divorcing parents a unique tool to enhance communication with their children.

‘Rosen is always ahead of the curve when it comes to their approach to divorce law,’ says Alison Kramer, an Account Supervisor with 919 Marketing who manages public relations efforts for Rosen Law Firm. ‘When we learned about this game, we knew it would be a perfect fit.’

In addition to a sweeping article in the ABA Journal, Rosen has also gained other national attention for being the first U.S. divorce law firm to use the game, including in New York City parenting magazine, Babble, and on Judged.com.

Over the past year, 919 Marketing has continued adding to its list of notable clients, including Alphanumeric, Unilever, Jersey Mikes, BioSignia, and The Coalition to Salute America’s Heroes.