919 Marketing Shows How to Maximize Marketing Communications in New Webinar

The world is still reeling from the impact of the coronavirus pandemic. Some businesses have chosen to hunker down and wait things out. Meanwhile, others are taking a more proactive approach. As Founder and CEO of 919 Marketing, David Chapman is a thought leader in the world of franchise marketing and has the insight franchisees and franchisors need to cope with these difficult times.

Since its founding, Chapman and 919 Marketing have contended with many world events, including Y2K, 9/11, and the 2008 financial crash. Even so, Chapman admits he has never seen anything quite like our current situation. Still, he points out there are plenty of opportunities for franchisees to stay productive, proactive, and ahead of the game.

In his latest webinar, David joins PromoRepublic’s Raakkel Sims as he explores how brands can optimize their marketing communications and pave the runway for their business. Discover how your business can use content to start a conversation with customers, and why it matters for your brand.

Learn How to Boost Your Brand’s Mindshare and Market Share

In the webinar, Chapman covers the challenges impacting brands currently, and the strategies to deal with these challenges.

Finds tips and strategies for the following subjects in 919 Marketing’s webinar:

  • What marketing strategies work for franchise businesses in the current climate
  • How to turn content into a conversation with franchisees and customers
  • How to help franchisees build relationships with local audiences
  • How to use content and social media marketing to connect with communities
  • How you can use marketing content to improve customer retention and acquisition

It is crucial that businesses do everything they can to stay productive and prepare themselves for the future. With the strategies included in this webinar, you can position your marketing for optimal success in uncertain times.

Find Your Strategy to Enhance Marketing Communications

They say that when the going gets tough, the tough get going. The same can be said of brands and how they handle the current crisis. Thankfully, 919 Marketing’s webinar has all the advice your company needs to stand out for all the right reasons.

Get your strategies for how to turn marketing communications into a runway for your business. Watch the webinar today to discover what your business needs to successfully navigate the world today. An audio-only webinar is also available on SoundCloud for your convenience.

Take charge of your business, and your future, with proactive solutions for your marketing communications now. Watch more webinars from 919 Marketing and subscribe to learn the latest news and tips in franchise marketing.

About 919 Marketing

919 Marketing was formed in 1996 has been in business for nearly 25 years. It is recognized by Inc. as the fastest-growing franchise marketing agency in the United States. 919 Marketing offers high-powered strategic planning, content marketing, public relations, digital marketing, and more to improve the message and market share of clients throughout the franchising industry.

Based outside of North Carolina’s Research Triangle Park, 919 Marketing has satellite offices throughout the United States including Boston, Massachusetts, and Houston, Texas. With an award-winning team of marketing experts, 919 Marketing has established itself as a premier partner and thought leader in franchise marketing.

About PromoRepublic

PromoRepublic is a social media software as a service (SaaS) provider with offices in both Europe and Silicon Valley. Their platform helps multi-location brands and franchisors better connect with local audiences through social media.

Through a combination of creative content and a data-driven approach, PromoRepublic has quickly made a name as one of the world leaders in social media marketing.

Every successful relationship starts with a conversation.

Start exploring a new approach to your Franchise Development Marketing efforts today.