David Chapman, CEO and founder of full-service marketing and public relations firm 919 Marketing, was recently featured on Franchising World. In the wake of IFA 2014, he sat down to share his thoughts on the state of franchise marketing.

“Technological advancements have permanently changed franchise development, as well as consumer-focused marketing, thus many brands are struggling to catch up and adjust to the new normal. Older, bigger brands are being forced to accept the fact they can no longer “buy” prospect attention and trust with a strong portal presence, long-standing franchise consultant relationships and expensive media buys. On the other hand, emerging brands are struggling to pinpoint the most cost-effective way to build awareness for their brands in an increasingly crowded online environment.

Regardless of size, the franchise brands that look best online and appear in the news are the ones attracting qualified candidates who fit their brand. These brands make sure their PR and social media efforts are synchronized − a practice we’ve coined “social relations” − and work hard to build a magnetic “wall of content” that appeals to customers and franchise prospects.”

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