The people of 919 Marketing vote on the best commercials from Superbowl XLV.

As marketing professionals, we look at advertisements with a more critical eye than the average Joe. We analyze, critique and judge their approach, effectiveness and content.  We’re in the odd minority, along with our fellow agency friends, who flip through magazines for the ads, avoid clicking on Pay Per Click ads (unless we’re feeling spiteful), watch TV commercials (occasionally) despite having TiVo and listen through entire cycles of radio breaks without changing the channel.

But that’s not what this post is about.  Last night we took off our agency hats to simply enjoy football, food and commercials with our family and friends.  And this morning our staff voted on their favorite commercials.

The votes are in – and we have a tie!

919 Marketing staff gives the number one spot for favorite SuperBowl ad to:

#1. Pepsi Max®’s First Date s First Date and

Chrysler®‘s “Imported from Detroit”

Honorable Mentions go to the following:

Volkswagen®‘s “The Next Generation Beetle”

Volkswagen®‘s “The Force”

Dorito®‘s “Finger Licking”

Bridgestone®‘s “Reply-All”

So, what do you think? What were your favorite spots? Any favorites you haven’t heard mentioned yet?