We can emphasize fresh content and reinforce the value of active blogging until we’re hoarse.  But, when the dreaded beast a.k.a. writers’ block gobbles up our blogging muse, it can be quite difficult to keep up the momentum.  When this happens, and it is inevitable, it is best to have a packed arsenal of inspiration ready to inspire and motivate.  Don’t be too hard on yourself, that blinking cursor just gets more intimidating the longer you glare at it.  Here are some of the things I do to rekindle my blogging muse…

  • Clear out my Google Reader.  I subscribe to 300 or so blogs.  Nothing inspires and motivates me more than seeing the innovative things key influencers are doing.
  • Rant or vent about something that irritated me.  While doing so, typically I can find a useful lesson either for myself or the target of my frustration.  This lesson can typically be conveyed to blog post!
  • Cruise some creative sites:
    • – Image pinboarding, still in beta, but completely addictive and gives a ton of ideas!
    • – Make-it/Do-it yourself and sell it type deal.  Be inspired by the creativity of others.
    • – Show and tell for designers.  So much fun!
    • – Artistic community.
  • Mind Map.  Have you heard of mind mapping?  Basically, drawing out your thought processes.  It’s a written form of brainstorming.  There are some fantastic iPad apps to get this done (see iThoughts HD and MindMap).
  • Take a break.  By stopping myself from punching the computer and focussing on something else, I allow ideas to come to me.  Some of the most creative implementations I have come up with hit me while playing a video game, driving, or bathing my son!
Good luck on getting your content out there and remember to keep that content fresh!