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Client-Agency Relationships: Love is a Two Way Street.

May 12, 2019|Earned Media, Owned Media, Uncategorized | 2 Min Read

The reasons marketing agencies get fired are well chronicled, from the well-deserved (lack of effort, lack of results, poor communication, etc.) to bewildering Bermuda Triangle reasons (new marketing director cleans house 80% of the time regardless of results, CEO’s cousin or wife is a marketing expert, etc.), and everything in between. On the other side of the coin, it’s hard to fire a client, akin to breaking up with a neurotic, abusive supermodel. Every founder starts an agency thinking, “If I do great work, clients will be happy, more business will flow to the company, employees will be happy, and […]

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How I Became A Franchise PR Pro in Kindergarten.

May 12, 2019|Earned Media, Owned Media, Uncategorized | 4 Min Read

“When in doubt, go back to the basics.”  In my experience, it’s never a bad idea and, typically, returning to the basics helps give you a much needed fresh perspective. This mentality works wonders in the business world.  A lot of people get wrapped up in details and are convinced that it is necessary to develop complex and complicated solutions to each of their business problems.   I couldn’t disagree more.   In my experience, I have found that there is often strength in simplicity.  To me, everything I really need to know about working in business has roots in my kindergarten […]

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The Art of “Spinning” Stories To The Media.

May 12, 2019|Earned Media, Uncategorized | 4 Min Read

Often times, we PR pros are referred to as “the Spin Crowd.”  And no, I’m not talking about the reality show spin-off of Keeping Up With the Kardashians.  Unfortunately, PR is not all “Sex and the City” so to speak (as this blog post suggests, many a PR pro has struggled to come to terms with that realization)… Ah it would be sweet to live like Samantha…but back to the point… I’ve seen the word “spin” literally make people cringe with distaste. Others have no qualms about it, including myself.  I believe there is nothing wrong with spinning a story to make […]

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Don’t Find Yourself on the “Ridiculist” – Get Your Facts Straight.

May 12, 2019|Earned Media, Owned Media, Uncategorized | 3 Min Read

A few weeks ago, my son was working on a report for school.  He showed me what information he had gathered so far, and when I questioned one of the facts he told me, “Dad, it’s ok, I found in on the internet.”  Sure enough, he did, but it wasn’t a legitimate site for research, such as National Geographic.   It was a site written by a fan of civil war battles.  Nothing against the site or the writer, but in many cases it offered his thoughts of a battle, not the historical facts.   And that’s my point, with sites like “The Onion” out […]

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Tips Tips for Writing Killer EMail Subject Lines.

May 12, 2019|Owned Media, Paid Media, Shared Media, Uncategorized | 3 Min Read

Before I got into PR (some would say crossed over to the dark side) I was a television reporter.  I find my news background to be very helpful because I understand how to find the unusual angle in a story that might pique the interest of a reporter/producer/blogger.   However, the most difficult part of a pitch for me is writing the subject line for the email. Ironically I had the same difficulty in journalism school writing headlines and in the TV news business helping producers write teasers for stories.  Then, as now, the challenge continues to be that if the […]

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Dear PR Graduate: Now The Real Education Begins.

May 12, 2019|Earned Media, Uncategorized | 7 Min Read

America’s institutions of higher learning are letting their public-relations graduates down. And as a result, you recent graduates have little choice but to let America’s marketing and PR agencies down. Big time. There’s no other way to look at it. Here at 919 Marketing, we take a back seat to no one in the quality of the PR associates we hire, and the standards to which we hold them on behalf of our clients, whether our new employees are heavy with industry experience or are still hungover from their college graduation party. But these times are pushing us to the […]

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How The Makeup Counter Chick Keeps Customers For Life

May 7, 2019|Owned Media, Uncategorized | 3 Min Read

Business consultants always preach to keep a customer for life you have to do something unexpected, out- of- the ordinary, surprisingly wonderful – yet what does that mean? I learned it all from the chick at the Bobbi Brown makeup counter who gave me more than just a new shade of lipstick. She taught me a valuable lesson in customer retention I won’t forget. I’m a cheapskate at heart. But one thing I do splurge on is my skin. I buy expensive foundation and moisturizer from Bobbi Brown and yes, I’m a loyal customer. You can buy Bobbi Brown products […]

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Hint: Great Marketers Are Great Salespeople.

May 3, 2019|Owned Media, Uncategorized | 4 Min Read

Sales folks have a bad reputation.   And, honestly, many of the complaints are well founded.  Too many salesperson very much resemble the used car salesman pictured above – cheesy, brash, pushy – so the “badger” stereotype is typically deserved. So what?   Every job comes with its stigmas (IT pros are geeks, sports agents are sleaze balls, accountants are stiff, etc.) but they aren’t debilitating as long as you do your job well.  Unfortunately, there are a lot of bad marketing and sales people out there who don’t do their job well.  They have reinforced the poor stereotype because they neglect […]

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What’s Your Franchise Marketing Roadmap?

April 17, 2019|Earned Media, Owned Media, Paid Media, Shared Media, Uncategorized | 3 Min Read

To paraphrase a line out of  The Matrix – “The answer is out there – it’s asking the right questions that drives you to the right one.” A few years back my firm helped a sleepy eLearning software company paint an overarching picture of how to represent their products globally with a consistent, compelling cross channel brand. The company was launched over two decades ago around a revolutionary computer based language-learning product.  Now they’re a multi-million dollar business with a successful IPO and a roster of products sold around the world. Amazing as it may sound, before engaging us they never had […]

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AdvantaClean Cleans Up with 919 Marketing

April 10, 2019|Owned Media, Uncategorized | 3 Min Read

AdvantaClean, a leading national franchise in mold/water removal and air duct/dryer vent cleaning services, has engaged 919 Marketing, a nationally acclaimed full-service marketing and PR firm, as their PR Agency of Record (AOR). AdvantaClean, led by CEO and Founder Jeff Dudan, was attracted to 919 Marketing’s recent national and local PR success with blue chip franchise clients like Senior Helpers, Doctor’s Express, and UNITS Mobile Storage. ‘919 came to us with proven success driving press for other emerging franchise systems on a national and local level and they showed us ways they could help us accelerate our business,’ said Dudan. […]

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