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Top 10 questions to answer BEFORE creating a franchise PR Agency RFP

Top 10 Questions To Answer BEFORE Creating A Franchise PR Agency RFP

As you can imagine, here at 919 Marketing, we’ve received our share of RFPs over the years. They run the gamut from being very generic and cookie-cutter to being overly granular and verbose. In almost every case, they never really get to the most…

Top 10 RFP Questions for Franchise PR Firms

Top 10 “Must-Ask” Questions to Include in Your Next RFP for a Franchise PR Agency

Ok, so now you’ve hopefully already read the Top 10 Questions to Answer Before Creating a Franchise PR RFP that outlines the questions you need to answer internally before you start crafting the RFP…

male and female CEO with their shadows in the shape of a super hero

Franchise CEO Branding: The 10-Step Process to Become an Industry Thought Leader

Most successful franchise brands are led by CEOs with a clear and compelling vision for the company. They understand the impact effective brand building and brand nurturing have on employee…

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The Best Franchises Are Bought, Not Sold. The 5 Characteristics of Winning Brands

It can be difficult for even the biggest companies to know how to react in a crisis. How a company chooses to confront a crisis, big or small, speaks volumes about both the company and its leadership. It turns out…

6 Reasons Why It Is Harder To Sell Franchises

Awarding a franchise to the right candidate is harder than ever. There are more competitors and fewer prospects. Yet the bar keeps rising higher and higher to sell more units. Here are six reasons it’s getting even harder to hit your goals….

Why Your Franchisees Hate You

Strengthen your relationships by taking a realistic look from the other side of the table.

My company, 919 Marketing, works with over 20,000 franchisees in the U.S. and worldwide. Consequently, we often find ourselves in the position of being phone psychologists, listening to franchisees speak sometimes in glowing terms about the franchisor, but more often than not hearing…

Why Your Franchisor Hates You

Do not let tunnel vision limit your growth as a franchisee.

As the founder of an agency that interacts with more than 20,000 franchisees on a daily basis, I’m in the middle of the inevitable tension that exists between franchisors and franchisees as the brand expands its geographical footprint with more and more franchisees coming on board…

7 Franchising Secrets

7 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Hire a Franchise PR Agency

You found out a competitor is using a franchise PR agency. Or maybe a colleague is hounding you to hire an agency they worked with in the past. Suddenly, you’ve got the urge to reach out and interview PR companies.

Hiring a franchise PR firm is a big decision, and not to be taken lightly….

Every successful relationship starts with a conversation.

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