How The Makeup Counter Chick Keeps Customers For Life

May 7, 2019|Owned Media, Uncategorized | 3 Min Read

Business consultants always preach to keep a customer for life you have to do something unexpected, out- of- the ordinary, surprisingly wonderful – yet what does that mean? I learned it all from the chick at the Bobbi Brown makeup counter who gave me more than just a new shade of lipstick. She taught me a valuable lesson in customer retention I won’t forget. I’m a cheapskate at heart. But one thing I do splurge on is my skin. I buy expensive foundation and moisturizer from Bobbi Brown and yes, I’m a loyal customer. You can buy Bobbi Brown products […]

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Hint: Great Marketers Are Great Salespeople.

May 3, 2019|Owned Media, Uncategorized | 4 Min Read

Sales folks have a bad reputation.   And, honestly, many of the complaints are well founded.  Too many salesperson very much resemble the used car salesman pictured above – cheesy, brash, pushy – so the “badger” stereotype is typically deserved. So what?   Every job comes with its stigmas (IT pros are geeks, sports agents are sleaze balls, accountants are stiff, etc.) but they aren’t debilitating as long as you do your job well.  Unfortunately, there are a lot of bad marketing and sales people out there who don’t do their job well.  They have reinforced the poor stereotype because they neglect […]

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What’s Your Franchise Marketing Roadmap?

April 17, 2019|Earned Media, Owned Media, Paid Media, Shared Media, Uncategorized | 3 Min Read

To paraphrase a line out of  The Matrix – “The answer is out there – it’s asking the right questions that drives you to the right one.” A few years back my firm helped a sleepy eLearning software company paint an overarching picture of how to represent their products globally with a consistent, compelling cross channel brand. The company was launched over two decades ago around a revolutionary computer based language-learning product.  Now they’re a multi-million dollar business with a successful IPO and a roster of products sold around the world. Amazing as it may sound, before engaging us they never had […]

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AdvantaClean Cleans Up with 919 Marketing

April 10, 2019|Owned Media, Uncategorized | 3 Min Read

AdvantaClean, a leading national franchise in mold/water removal and air duct/dryer vent cleaning services, has engaged 919 Marketing, a nationally acclaimed full-service marketing and PR firm, as their PR Agency of Record (AOR). AdvantaClean, led by CEO and Founder Jeff Dudan, was attracted to 919 Marketing’s recent national and local PR success with blue chip franchise clients like Senior Helpers, Doctor’s Express, and UNITS Mobile Storage. ‘919 came to us with proven success driving press for other emerging franchise systems on a national and local level and they showed us ways they could help us accelerate our business,’ said Dudan. […]

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“Clients Gone Wild” Series: Dropping F Bombs in an Interview.

March 5, 2019|Earned Media, Owned Media, Uncategorized | 3 Min Read

Recently, a client of ours launched a nationwide campaign and brought on a celebrity as the spokesperson to drive consumer and press interest.  It turned out to be a huge hit and we worked with the celebrity to generate media opportunities in a variety of markets around the country. From Philadelphia to Honolulu, radio airwaves, TV shows, and newspaper columns were overflowing with provocative stories tied to the campaign.   The celebrity was executing well after extensive media training (if you’re looking for free media training tips, this guy actually has some good advice) and the client was receiving coverage in critical […]

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Ditch the Pick Up Lines and Cold Call like a Champ

February 5, 2019|Owned Media, Uncategorized | 5 Min Read

Ok guys, we’ve all done it.   You see that gorgeous girl on the other side of the room and you start trying to devise a game plan to catch her attention.  You’ve been watching – suitor after suitor buys her a drink and strikes out minutes later.   In your mind you are thinking, “Man, I better come up with something good because I want to make a better impression than those guys.” Eventually, you build up the courage and make your move.   You push through the crowd and position yourself beside her on the bar, leaning on your elbow trying to […]

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The First Hour Idea To My Fellow Millennials

January 8, 2019|Owned Media, Uncategorized | 3 Min Read

You get 60 minutes in one hour and 24 hours in a day.  If you keep doing the math, it works out to about 700,800 hours in your life if you live to 80 years old. And while we race through the hours in our day, sometimes so fast that we don’t even notice (cue the phrase “where does the time go”),  I’ve discovered that some of those hours are more important than others. But always pay attention to the first hour of the day. Think about it.  Bad days just start off bad.  You oversleep.  You rush around so much […]

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Insider Tips For Bad SouthWest Airlines Seat Assignments

December 18, 2018|Owned Media, Uncategorized | 2 Min Read

After six business trips in the past two months, the unspoken rules of the game (outside of these no-brainers that people seem to forget) for flying Southwest Airlines are becoming abundantly clear to me. If you are in the A1-30 section or one of the early boarders (use earlybird check-in to have any chance of being one of these lucky few) you sprint to get an aisle or window seat in the exit row – right past the rookies who think the first few rows are first class or most valuable.  You are able to take what you want – everyone seems to have […]

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Nationwide Consumer Media Coverage Drives Kolache Factory Brand Expansion.

October 3, 2018|Earned Media, Owned Media, Paid Media | 2 Min Read

Three things on every restaurant chain’s To-Do list: create big media buzz, build greater brand awareness and have increased customer engagement and sales. With 919 Marketing leading the way with the Create a New Kolache PR campaign, the Houston-based bakery chain The Kolache Factory was able to do all three. The Create a New Kolache contest asked customers to submit ingredients for a new kolache flavor (A kolache is a Czech pastry filled with meats, cheeses and fruit). The winning flavor was dubbed “Yes, Please” Mac-and-Cheese, a combo of mac-and-cheese, brisket and jalapeño peppers (YUM). Dawn Nielsen, Kolache Factory COO says, “We are thrilled with the results […]

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Don’t Sell Yourself Short At The 2018 TES Annual Conference

September 26, 2018|Earned Media, Owned Media, Paid Media, Shared Media | 2 Min Read

Don’t Sell Yourself Short Panel Discussion If you’re headed to Fort Lauderdale this week to join hundreds of franchise friends at The Entrepreneur’s Source’s Annual Conference, there’s an exciting new addition to the schedule you don’t want to miss – the Don’t Sell Yourself Short Panel Discussion. I will be headlining this panel along with TES’ Visionary Founder, Terry Powell and a wide range of other fantastic franchise experts. All TES conference attendees are invited to join the Don’t Sell Yourself Short Panel Discussion for one of two sessions in the Ocean Ballroom on Sunday, September 30th. For the early birds, the first session will be live from […]

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