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Today is National Crazy Day. This is a day for all us weird and creative people to unite, share stories and celebrate.

In all honesty, National Crazy Day should be a national holiday for us over here at 919 Marketing.

Most agency-kind would agree that the pace and pressure of this industry will most definitely make you a nutcase at times. You can only survive and succeed if you embrace the weirdness.

In honor National Crazy Day, I’ve compiled a list of 10 quirky things about 919 Marketing that define our business, keep us guessing, or are just plain strange.

  1. Our downstairs printer is in the closet. Our giant printer sits in a cramped supply closet so let’s just say it gets a little cramped when multiple people need something NOW.
  2. [br]

  3. We get at least one walk-in new business opportunity per week. “I want to do some marketing.  What can you guys do for a couple hundred bucks?”
  4. [br]

  5. Our yard is patrolled by deer. Bambi has been known to make daily appearances and has ruined our CEO’s garden project.
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  7. One of our toilets has a dysfunctional seat. I’ve literally heard a yelp from someone who thought they were about to fall in.
  8. [br]

  9. Our wonderful women talk about anything and everything. Our staff is comprised of 80% women.   Pregnancy issues, clothing malfunctions, that cute guy from True Blood…anything is fair game at any time.
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  11. Our fridge is a complete disaster. Tupperware, fruit, deli meat…you name it, it’s probably in there.   One employee even stores their weekly grocery shopping in there on Monday afternoons.   Bringing my lunch is rarely an option simply because there isn’t space.
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  13. We aren’t afraid to rock out at any time. At least 15 minutes a day is devoted to gangnam styling, HOVA-ing with Jay-Z or air guitaring with Jack White.   Skrillex shows up on techno Thursdays and the 90’s are relived on Fridays.   What can we say, we love music!
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  15. We’ve tripped over everything in the office. A colleague who will remain unnamed has to own 80% of this, but we’ve all had severe clumsy moments.   Lightbulbs have been broken, office decorations have been ruined, and the stairs have taken a beating from multiple people hitting the deck.   We’re damn good at what we do, but we aren’t always graceful!
  16. [br]

  17. Lizards own our office. It’s a rare occurrence for us to walk up the stairs into our office without seeing one of our buddies escaping through the cracks – they’re everywhere!
  18. [br]

  19. We NEVER remember our business cards. Some of us are worse than others, but it would take most of us 10-15 years to clear a box of business cards.   We love connecting with people – the information exchange just happens to take place on a tableside napkin.   That’s a shame, too, because our business cards are pretty daggone cool.
  20. [br]

I’ll stop there, but that’s really just scraping the surface of our weirdness. But we know we are not alone – so please share anecdotes that make your office crazy if you have them!

Image from Cafe Press