Digital digs: 9 Web tools that have my interest (for this moment)

Anyone will tell you, I am a digital tool fanatic.  I love the latest and greatest, the fastest and sexiest.  Here’s the tools that I am currently “digging” to get my stuff done!  We’re not even remotely affiliated with any of these companies… I just am loving their products.

  • Wunderlist – My answer to “GTD.”  The “Things” app and the bloated Getting-Things-Done model is just too cumbersome for me.  Wunderlist gave me everything I wanted, for free.  Multiple lists, pretty checkboxes, cloud-syncing, compatibility with every device I own (and there’s a lot of them).
  • Reeder – I’m a Mac and iOS user.  If you’re not, you can just skip right over this one!  This beautiful little app works on my Mac, iPad, and iPhone.  It pulls in my Google Reader account and gives me a sexy, keyboard-friendly reading interface with lots and lots of share/read later buttons.
  • BufferApp – I had a total Twitter epiphany when I found BufferApp.  This little web-based app allows me to queue up tweets to a pre-determined schedule, without having to manually schedule each one (filling your buffer).  Additionally, it allows me to connect my API credentials.   Will be the best product EVER once they have an iOS device.
  • Skitch – Everyone needs to screenshot, annotate, and edit at times.  Skitch is free and awesome.  It’s only for Macs and Android devices at the moment, but they’re expanding.  Great replacement for LilSnapper, because the sharing/uploading process is a lot more convenient (drag and drop, or 1 click/third-party share).
  • – Facebook and Twitter media graphing, exportable to Excel.
  • Twellow – Clean, topical Twitter search tool.
  • SocialDitto – You can make an embeddable version of your Facebook conversations by using this quick little tool.
  • Writeboard – Absolutely no frills writing collaboration.
  • Multicolour Search – Okay this is cool.  Select colors (a ton of them!) and the search will find images containing the colors you have selected.  Great for theming!

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