Digital marketing and social media evolve everyday.  919 Marketing will try to keep you on the cutting edge with these weekly round ups.

Happenings in social:

  • If you’re not familiar with the Facebook timeline, you should be.  It affects the way content appears on Facebook.  Read more here:
  • If you ARE familiar with the Facebook timeline, check out what some other people are doing:
  • Want to master your Facebook timeline?
  • The internet is a-buzz about the giant lego man:
  • Axe is at it again!  Who does their marketing?  This commercial is RIDICULOUSLY good.
  • (benchmark-backed) has launched.  Social network for your neighborhood isn’t a new concept (see ohsowe) but there are big hopes for this well funded company.
  • Bank of America is having a social crisis of its own:

Digital Marketing:


  • Need to take screenshots and draw/annotate them? Free.  Amazing.
  • Are you a master of your calendar?  Losing things or just forgetting the context of an item. Totally fun.
  • Want to be a social media god but ridiculously short on time? has got you covered.  It summarizes your social feeds.  Check it out.
  • Want to know what companies and products are giving something back?