Direct Marketing

What Is 919 Marketing Company’s Take On Direct Marketing?

We believe a key ingredient in direct marketing success is
leveraging insights about your target customers and prospects. The days of generating success from “spray and pray” campaigns, with franchise companies sending identical messages to the entire
mailing list, are all but over.

As a matter of fact, the list accounts for 40-percent of results, the offer accounts for another 40-percent, and the creative delivery accounts for 20-percent of results. Lois Geller

Direct Mail Example
We have the resources help you build a powerful database of franchise prospects, world class strategic partners to provide production and distribution, and the strategic, journalistic and creative skills needed to deliver cutting edge campaigns across the direct marketing spectrum.

      919 Direct Marketing

            • List procurement and list development
            • Program development and strategy
            • Program management
            • Content development
            • Creative design
            • Email campaigns
            • Direct mail campaigns
            • Direct response video
            • Direct response advertising
            • Production
            • Measurement/analytics

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