Don’t Sell Yourself Short At The 2018 TES Annual Conference

Don’t Sell Yourself Short Panel Discussion

If you’re headed to Fort Lauderdale this week to join hundreds of franchise friends at The Entrepreneur’s Source’s Annual Conference, there’s an exciting new addition to the schedule you don’t want to miss – the Don’t Sell Yourself Short Panel Discussion. I will be headlining this panel along with TES’ Visionary Founder, Terry Powell and a wide range of other fantastic franchise experts.

All TES conference attendees are invited to join the Don’t Sell Yourself Short Panel Discussion for one of two sessions in the Ocean Ballroom on Sunday, September 30th. For the early birds, the first session will be live from 8:00AM-9:30AM. And for those who need a little extra beauty rest, the second session will be live from 10:30AM-12:00PM.

Here’s the best news – Three $200 Amazon gift card winners will be awarded at the end of each session AND all TES conference attendees can attend either session to learn more about the future of franchise marketing, data analysis, financing, franchise development, etc. Even better, you can do all of this without missing any NFL action!

Here is a quick overview of the topics and questions I will be addressing, regarding franchise content marketing and PR during the panel discussion:

  • How has the game changed for video marketing recently and what do franchisors need to do to adjust?
  • Why do dull, poorly lit conference videos with fake plants not work?
  • The power of storytelling and how franchisors can use it to reach/influence TES coaches AND qualified candidates.
  • We hear “content marketing” and “subject matter expert” all the time, but what do those things really mean?
  • How should franchisors adjust their approach?

Do you want to get ahead of the competition and elevate your franchise development content marketing efforts before you even leave the TES conference? I’d love to help! Just fill out the form below to set up a quick meeting with me at the conference.

See you later this week at the Marriott Harbor Beach!

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