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Social media and organic online search can be effective for reaching and engaging prospects; however, email marketing is still king when it comes to connecting with and nurturing prospects, building interest and converting them into customers.

You are likely here because your current internal or outsourced email marketing efforts aren’t meeting expectations. You are utilizing one or more of the leading email marketing platforms, or if you are a franchise brand, your franchise development CRM platform has a built-in email marketing platform.

While the platforms have their own nuances and user benefits, we believe the secret to sustained email marketing success lies in the value of the database/list, the value of the content to the target audiences, and the offer or call to action.

We believe the key ingredient in email marketing success is content relevance, and that the key to achieving relevance is uncovering and leveraging insights about your target customers and prospects. Helping your prospects become more educated and establishing brand trust keeps you in the game with prospects until they are ready to make a decision.

Smart email marketing campaigns, and particularly franchise lead generation campaigns, drive prospects to “gated” website content and landing pages and are fully integrated with online advertising, social media and other direct response campaigns.


We have the resources to help you build a powerful database of prospects, and the strategic, journalistic, and creative skills needed to develop and deliver cutting edge e-marketing campaigns for your company.

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919 Email Marketing Services

We provide our clients with turn-key email marketing services, from planning to execution to measuring success. Our services include:

  • Keyword discovery
  • Keyword analysis
  • Search engine optimization (SEO) and link development
  • Link development
  • Search engine marketing
    • Pay per click
    • Banner advertising
    • Sponsored posts and ads
  • Digital media analysis –brand and competitive
  • Website, landing page and microsite buildout
  • Syndicated franchisee website pages
  • Landing pages and microsites
  • Web content
  • Graphic design
  • Message development/copywriting
  • Photography
  • Video production

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