Censors, edits, and other hurdles have made creating a TV or radio spot more a test than an art – enter the world wide web. With far fewer or no restrictions at all, the internet allows a creative mind to shine through Facebook, YouTube, and even Twitter. Besides a 45 second clip you saw on Tosh.0 though, who has really taken advantage of it? Answer – The MFCEO.

2011 saw nearly irrelevant footwear company K Swiss thrust back onto the scene with a series of hilarious made for internet YouTube commercials starring Danny McBride of Eastbound and Down. Filled with laughably bad language and pop culture nods – Mark Cuban says hey, these several online spots for K Swiss’ Tubes training shoe take full advantage of the internet and its freedom to create racy material.

How well has this campaign worked? Judging by the fact that three of us in the office got a pair (or two), I’d say K Swiss is making the right moves. Maintaining a certain corporate image means little here; when you’re at the bottom only a year ago, this type of content is gold. K Swiss has taken full advantage of the internet, its users, and has created demand for a product that likely would have gone unnoticed.