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The 5 Questions Franchise Brands Should Always Be Asking

  1. Is my brand correctly positioned for maximum sales growth?
  2. How can I get more national brand awareness, interest, validation and trust?
  3. Do we have the marketing horsepower to help our franchisees get more customers?
  4. How can we build our own lead channel to get better quality franchise candidates?
  5. How do we get more franchisees to validate with sales candidates?

Unsure if your franchise brand is correctly positioned for maximum growth?

Most franchise brands are guilty of pushing out reactionary, copycat “me too” brand messages. Here’s how you can build a differentiated brand strategy that resonates with consumers and franchise candidates.

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Hungry to build national franchise brand awareness, interest validation and trust?

Today’s reality – consumers and candidates trust content from third party experts and their peers 12x more than interruption marketing tactics like advertising. Getting your story told in the right media outlets and social media channels is the quickest and most effective way to accelerate brand awareness, interest and trust.

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Lack the marketing horsepower to help your franchisees become more visible in their community and get more customers?

Franchisee marketing support programs that depend on low touch press releases, social media kits and templated marketing materials simply don’t work. Here’s how you can provide your franchisees the marketing horsepower they need to not just survive but thrive.

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Build your own franchise development lead pipeline to generate lower cost, higher quality candidate sales leads.

Aren’t you getting tired (and worried) that you are totally dependent on portals, list providers and brokers to feed your franchise development sales funnel? Stop “renting” the marketing channels of others and start creating your own marketing channel like Red Bull has done.

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Improve franchisee validation to move prospects through the franchise sales process.

Franchisees, and particularly your most successful franchisees, are focused on their bottom line. Are you providing them with dynamic marketing support programs, and if so, are you merchandising their success across the system? Are you educating them on the importance of growing the brand and the impact it has not only on your bottom line but theirs?

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