Happy Friday everyone! Our office has been buzzing with conversations about the branding opportunities Facebook Timeline provides and marketing lessons learned from the Oscars, so we’ve collected a few of our top read articles from the week for you to read.

1. There is no doubt that Facebook’s new Timeline feature is going to change the way companies use the social network to connect with customers. Stay ahead of (or at least with!) the curve and check out these 6 Changes Marketers Need to Understand.

2. In PR, the value of knowing social cues and responding appropriately cannot be overlooked. At the Academy Awards, Meryl Streep gave a brilliant example of just that: social grace. Here is what you can learn from her about being a PR professional.

3.  Britney Spears is the most followed Google+ user, so it isn’t surprising that most users are men. According to this article, the social network is most used by single men. Implication? If that is your target demographic, it’s time to figure out how it fits into your marketing strategy.

4. Nothing beats an Infographic, so this graphic display of the components of online marketing caught our eye immediately. Interestingly, the Landing Page was  identified as the most important piece of the puzzle and labeled the “Marketing Glue.”

5. News organizations are continually battling to be the first to break news and Twitter has created an atmosphere of instant, real-time coverage. Looking at attitudes of readers, listeners and viewers shows trustworthiness trumps expediency. See who is deemed trustworthy here.

What news stuck out in your mind this week? We’d love for you to share.