Here are our top PR, marketing and social media related articles for this week. Enjoy!

Modernizing the Definition of PR: A trade often conflicted with defining itself accurately; professionals come to a consensus on a modern definition of public relations via crowdsourcing…

What Rush Limbaugh Can Teach Corporate America about PR: From Frank – Very true point at the end, especially with the 24/7 media cycle.  Once the genie is out of the bottle, it’s gone and not coming back.

Top 10 Ways to Use Twitter for Business: If you’re unsure about social media and just need a little prompting, here are some great guidelines for Twitter usage in a business setting.

Social Media Missteps Spread Like Wildfire: It doesn’t matter how fast technology becomes – we need to continue to control the message we are putting out there by good ol’ fashioned editing and taking time to “craft” a message. The examples in the article are good reminders to all businesses that your image and your company’s messaging can be destroyed with one click of a button or mouse. Regardless of how fast the technology is, or becomes, we need to constantly be our own editors. Think before you write. Edit before you hit send. Your business and reputation still depend on it. And at the very least, hire a good PR firm for when the day comes that you hit that send button without taking a second look at the message you’re putting out there.

5 Facebook Timeline Tips for Companies: Facebook has created an opportunity for businesses to use the cover photo like a billboard space. Brands who know what is good for them will take that and run with it.

Timeline Competes With Premium Ads: Facebook is fighting with itself. The new Timeline feature may be competing with Facebook’s Premium ads, possibly confusing users and providing an obstacle for marketers.


That wraps it up for us. Have a great weekend, everyone, and feel free to share some of your favorite news articles and stories from the week!