Happy Friday! Here are some of the PR, marketing and digital media news stories our office shared around this week.

1. Which digital platforms do you use? Here are 5 reasons to add blogging into your marketing mix rather than relying just on Facebook.

2. Ever feel like you’re being specifically targeted? Target took target marketing to the extreme, and predicted pregnancy with it’s ads… even before the family knew! Creepy.

3. Does your personal Facebook account have the Timeline format yet? Soon enough, your business account will have it too. Read here to learn more about what Facebook Timeline means for businesses.

4. Industry-specific advertising effectiveness has reached a new high: Orthodontists are effectively targeting people who they know want prettier smiles.

5. Email marketing is both powerfully effective and totally frustrating, depending on the day. To make your life a little easier, here are the 7 words you should NEVER include in an email subject line.

6. Pinterest is a fun and entertaining way to explore the internet and brand your business. Keep an eye out, though, there are a few sneaky ways your business could end up in legal hot water!

7. You’re probably like most business people: eager for your brand or company to get an engaged audience on Facebook. Here are a 4 tips to get people chatting about your business on Facebook.

What caught your eye in the news this week? We’re always glad to receive some insight, and happy to share it as well. Have a great weekend.