All humans are different

We all look, feel, think, and move in different ways. However, there is one small, and seemingly insignificant, thing that most people have in common, and it’s something you may never guess.

It’s our shared affection for the font “Helvetica.”

The font has become a part of everyone’s daily life.   It is simply everywhere.  So much so that there’s going to be a documentary about it.

What makes it so special? It is simple and can be easily manipulated.

While these qualities can sometimes be the recipe for becoming obsolete, in the world of branding, they are perfect.

According to, “a good logo is distinctive, appropriate, practical, graphic and simple in form and it conveys the owners intended message.”

Helvetica, when used in logos, can adapt to a brand’s concept and identity more quickly and effectively than most other fonts.  Immediate recognition is key to a successful logo and branding in general – so it is no wonder Helvetica has become a popular font choice.

It’s particularly powerful because Helvetica projects an understated professionalism.  It’s relatable and safe, yet impactful.  That’s why 45 major companies have succeeded in creating easily recognizable and powerful logos with Helvetica. Who?

Helvetica is THE  utilitarian blue-collar font – the font just screams, “Hey, I’m your friend.”

Quite simply, it has “shot the serif” out of modern day branding.

Serif fonts can convey an ideology of disconnect and make branding difficult. They have been socially attached to formal events and situations. With that predetermined social message, companies will be fighting an uphill battle when choosing to use a serif font in their logo.

Are you a fan of serif or sans serif fonts (like Helvetica)?   Check out the logos of your favorite companies – what font are they using?  Is it working?