How much do our PR services cost?

We get asked this question a lot. In many ways, it’s like a patient asking a doctor to prescribe as soon they walk in the clinic without first diagnosing the problem.

Until we fully understand your brand, your sales and marketing goals, your challenges and opportunities, and conduct a competitive audit it’s hard to give you a tight number.

However, you still want an answer, right?

Our average yearly fee is the same or in some cases less than hiring a full time PR person in‐house. And you are getting a team of PR professionals that are there for you 52 weeks a year.

Based on the average franchise fee according to 2017 SBA figures, our yearly PR agreements are equivalent to the franchise fees collected from 2–3 new franchises sold.

Hopefully that gives you the information you need to move forward. Let’s schedule a meeting to diagnose your specific PR challenges.

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