How Public Relations Drives Franchise Sales

While there is no roadmap to creating a top-notch business, franchise marketing and franchise sales can drive visibility and profitability, putting your business on the road to success. A good PR firm can help secure the media coverage your business needs to spark growth and boost franchise sales.

The key to driving franchise sales is the significant increase in visibility that comes from a story about your business playing on TV stations and appearing in print across the country. American Family Care, an urgent care franchise, saw millions of dollars in franchise sales following stories in USA Today and on NBC Nightly News. Our Town America, a new mover welcoming organization, appeared on Fox & Friends. This story’s airing led to dozens of leads and a closed franchise sale – just weeks after the story ran!

Stories like these show the average person that they, too, can own their own business. They see these success stories and think, “hey, that could be me! I’m just like that person who was forced into early retirement and bought a franchise.”

A good PR firm is filled with former reporters who know how to interview your franchisees and tell their stories.  After all, good people – the fascinating personalities behind a business – make it grow and prosper. A good PR firm will aggressively sell the stories of your franchisees to national and local media outlets across the country. It’s hard work!

PR firms work to relentlessly reach out to reporters and cut through all the noise and clutter to tell your franchisees’ stories. Prospective franchisees reading the article or watching TV that day learn about your business opportunity and inquire. Being prepared for new business inquiries is also part of closing successful franchise sales. Make sure you prominently display the article or TV story on your franchise development website and on all your social media channels, so more and more people see the story and share it. Time after time, we hear from our franchisors that someone “saw that story” and called about buying a franchise.

The increase in franchise sales is a boon to any viable business, and teaming up with a PR firm can really pay off in the long run, increasing company visibility and helping to achieve franchise sales goals.

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