In this fast-paced, technology driven world, things are always changing. We’re seeing it happen even faster in the world of social media. Lately, there have been a handful of changes on the big networks that may affect how you share content and interact with your fans and followers.

Facebook allows posts to be edited

Facebook Allows Post To Be Edited

Those prone to making grammar mistakes, rejoice! You can now go back and edit any live posts. Facebook announced the change was for the purpose of fixing typos and bad autocorrects, but some people (and companies) may worry about appearing less transparent with their posts when an edit is indicated.

Not to fear, your fans and potential consumers can look at the ‘edit history’ of your posts and see if you’ve made any changes. So you can still be transparent and fix any unfortunate typos or misinformation.

The ability to embed has spread

You’ve been able to embed tweets for a while, but now you can embed posts from Facebook, Instagram, and Google+ as well. The ability to embed social posts gives your content another degree of interactivity with your readers and helps you gives credit to original authors more easily.

Embedded posts can also be used to drive traffic to your social media profiles by reminding readers that they can keep up with you in other places. Since the posts are interactive, readers can follow or like your social media profile right from your content. For example…


On the heels of the announcements from Facebook, Instagram, and Google+, Twitter updated the photo feature of their embedded tweets. Now embedded tweets can be just as visual as embedded posts from the other major social networks.

Twitter Allows Direct Messages From All Followers

Now you can set your Twitter profile to receive direct messages from all of your followers instead of just the ones you follow as well.

This change has great potential to impact your outreach through the social network. Now you can reach out to other accounts and prompt them to DM you if they are interested in your story, pitch, or idea without having to follow them. That should make it easier for you and the other party to interact in a meaningful way on Twitter.

How will these changes affect the way you use social media?