How The Makeup Counter Chick Keeps Customers For Life

Business consultants always preach to keep a customer for life you have to do something unexpected, out- of- the ordinary, surprisingly wonderful – yet what does that mean?

I learned it all from the chick at the Bobbi Brown makeup counter who gave me more than just a new shade of lipstick. She taught me a valuable lesson in customer retention I won’t forget.

I’m a cheapskate at heart. But one thing I do splurge on is my skin. I buy expensive foundation and moisturizer from Bobbi Brown and yes, I’m a loyal customer. You can buy Bobbi Brown products at many different department stores but from now on I will always go to – let’s call her Donna- at the Bobbi Brown make up counter at the Saks Fifth Avenue.  Why?

Six months ago, after a day of shopping, I came home with my shopping splurge only to realize my bag with the $80 Bobbi Brown moisturizer and foundation were gone.  $80 of skin saving salvo down the drain!  I wept. I called every store I had visited that day and no one had my Bobbi Brown bag. “Pore” me! So finally, I called “Donna” at the Bobbi Brown make up counter at Saks where I bought my bag of Bobbi Brown beauty.

“We don’t have your bag here Ms. Yannello,” Donna said. “But I’d be happy to supply you with another moisturizer and foundation,” she said.

“Donna, thank you,” I said. “But I don’t have another $80 to spend. I guess I’m headed to Costco for some Kirkland brand crap to throw on my face.”

“Ms. Yannello, you won’t have to pay again for your purchase,” Donna said. “You have been a loyal customer for years and we want to keep you so we will give you your moisturizer and foundation at no cost.  Just keep coming back to see us for your makeup needs.”

My pores praised the heavens! My skin sang for joy! I went the next day and Donna had a bag with my name on it with my $80 worth of Bobbi Brown beauty – at no cost.

I have since moved a half hour away from that Saks and Donna’s Bobbi Brown counter.  Even though I can buy my Bobbi a lot closer, I travel out of my way to buy my moisturizer and foundation from Donna at her counter. (Plus, they had a new fall shade of lipstick I had to try too!)

Bottom line:  More than ever before, I am a well moisturized, even skin toned Bobbi Brown brand advocate.  Plus, Donna for sure has kept me comfortable in my own skin – AND has kept me as her customer for life!

What examples of outstanding customer service have you experienced that changed the way you do business?

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