How We Find The Right Reporters to Pitch

There may not be much glory when creating a media list, but it can be a star of a well done pitch.

We use Cision to make our lists.  And while products like it help, pulling a media list can still be time-consuming and can make you go cross-eyed (from staring at your screen so long), so it is important that you get strategic.

When making a new list, it is important to think of the target market/demographic and the press opportunity you’re pitching.  Here are some tips for getting started:

  • Take a look at the media opportunity – you should know who would most be interested in this news, so only include those contacts in the list.
  • Be honest with yourself – would Anderson Cooper or The View really be interested in a grand opening?  Not often.
  • Read the descriptions – in Cision, it’s on the left by the outlet – because they give great clues on what is covered and how to personally contact them.  Let’s face it – even as PR pros, we’re not up-to-date  on every outlet by name, so this little feature comes in handy so there aren’t outlets on the list that shouldn’t get your pitch.
  • Always double-check – This is the most important and probably the most forgotten.  Once you are completed with your media list, despite how long it takes-always scan through the final version to make sure any unwanted press contacts are not included.

A media list takes time – so sometimes it can get pushed to the back burner, but in many ways, a good media list is vital to a good PR pitch – without it, your release will have no heat.

Every successful relationship starts with a conversation.

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