nytimesAn excerpt from a May, 6, 2013, New York Times article:

The family dynamic can also be tricky. When Millie Vazquez’s two adult children, Julio, 30, and Alvaro, 34, moved back home several years ago and were looking for work, she decided to open a third Blimpie franchise in Paterson, N.J., not far from her first two.

She quickly ran into trouble with her sons, who wanted to create off-menu sandwiches and go outside the Blimpie system in other ways. As she fought with Alvaro, who was managing the store, she says his hair began to fall out from stress: “At one point it got so bad, I said to Alvaro, ‘Y ou know what? Y ou’re fired.’ ”

After leaving briefly, Alvaro returned and the two brothers retook the Blimpie training program; the store is now “a gold mine,” Ms. Vazquez said.

With Bleak Job Prospects, Parents and Their Children Buy Into Franchises