One out of three franchise-based companies will change their marketing firm in the next 12 months.

Ironically, the reasons why one out of three companies change their PR and marketing firm each year are largely the same reasons that couples break up.  It comes down to communication, commitment, financial arguments and endless rounds of excuses.

Is it time to move on to a new PR firm? See below.

Your competition is getting all the headlines. Of course you want to be the star of every story written about your category – but you know that’s not going to happen. However, if your competition is always in the limelight and constantly interviewed by the press instead of you, it’s probably time to fire your PR firm. Instead of building your brand, your firm is building your frustration. You need a partner that is as competitive as you are, one that will fight for and secure your fair share of coverage on an ongoing basis.

Your current firm is very creative – at making excuses.  If you are paying a firm thousands of dollars a month you should be getting solid results, not excuses.  More importantly, you should have clear goals and programs outlined and tracking systems in place to measure results.

They are generating invoices, yet you are generating all the ideas. If you are the one coming up with all the good pitch ideas, then you’ve got a problem. I equate it to picking a new puppy. You need the one jumping out of the box not the one sleeping in the corner of the box.  You should turning down ideas, not generating ideas. That’s not to say you shouldn’t be a full partner in pitch angles and stories.

The CEO and the awesome pitch team disappeared. Now you are working with junior staffers. This happens all the time. The classic bait and switch that happens either immediately or slowly over time. You deserve the best senior level talent of the agency working side by side with you to make big things happen.

They know social, but only as it relates to phone calls and cocktails at the industry shows. The days of martini lunches, sending thank you cards and gifts to reporters to get coverage are over. Furthermore, the lines between Franchise Marketing Strategy, PR and social media are blurred or non-existent – the road to driving press is built using traditional and digital and social media tactics to reach and influence national reporters and bloggers and maximize your online visibility.

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*Source: The book Customer Loyalty by Jill Griffin

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