An excerpt from Parenting

Here’s what’s surprising to me: a new survey of 300 fathers found that 90 percent of dads who played football at the high school level or higher – and believe they suffered a concussion – want their kids to play tackle football. In the survey, conducted by the nonprofit i9 Sports Association, more than three quarters of these dads (77 percent) feel that tackle football is safe for children under
the age of 12.

I played high school football for about two months. If I had a son, I would actively encourage him to find another sport to play – but would support whatever he ended up doing. Fortunately, I have daughters who so far seem more interested in ballet, Katy Perry and mermaid princesses. OK, fine, and gymnastics and, ahem, karate. Still, it’s all safer than football. Probably. Mermaids can be a vicious lot.

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