Social Relations

Social Relations

Our proprietary approach for integrating and social media and public relations, with a priority focus on creating relationships.

Are you still approaching public relations and social media as standalone programs, with separate goals, budgets and implementation strategies? The convergence of public relations, social media and digital marketing is no longer the abstract “wave of the future.”

Did you know that 90% of all blog posts and 50% of Twitter posts are linked to traditional media outlets? Are you repurposing and leveraging content across all of your potential marketing channels to maximize the cumulative impact?

The formula for public relations and social media success isn’t using the latest software powered by a team of interns to send out spray and pray media alerts and push content. Like every marketing vehicle, the magic happens when you combine technical expertise with dynamic marketing strategies, fresh ideas, magnetic content and creative execution.

We utilize a proprietary social relations® approach, integrating social media and public relations activities to get your story told and accelerate brand engagement via national and local media outlets and relevant social media channels.