I’m not a huge TV guy.   Let’s face it, most of today’s TV shows are garbage – too many vampires, pregnant teens and drunk “I’m about to go Jersey on you” shenanigans – and I don’t to waste my time watching bad TV.   You can call me brash and elitist, but I assure you I’m not judging, I just don’t need Snooki or Sookie to feel better about my life.

But I do need Dexter.  If you haven’t been consumed by the Dexter craze, you’re missing out.   It’s got everything you want in a TV show – captivating cliffhangers, killer (pun intended) plot and character development, a whole lot of sexual and emotional tension, and a benevolent and conflicted serial killer.   What’s not to love!

However, none of those are the biggest reason I love Dexter.   I love Dexter most because it makes me think…about life, about relationships, about everything.  Quite frankly, the show has had a big impact on me and it’s helped me in business.   Here are 6 slices of life this angelic devil of a serial killer has provided me:

  1. Balance and Structure are Critical: Dexter lives his life by Harry’s code – a set of rules he follows to ensure that he executes his kills precisely and avoids legal trouble.   It’s hard to be consistent and productive without balance and structure – I may not follow Harry’s code, but I have my own that keeps me in the zone.
  2. Every Detail Counts: If Dexter misses any detail, he’s finished.   Just one fingerprint or drop of blood unaccounted for would spell disaster.   Now, I don’t have to be quite as anal, but is undoubtedly true that only the paranoid survive so I pay attention the small stuff that keep clients and coworkers happy.
  3. Your Actions Impact More People than You Think: If Dexter were to get caught, he wouldn’t be the only one affected by the fallout.   It would cripple his station’s reputation, shatter his sister’s already weak mental state (well…since she knows now, I guess we’ll see), and permanently damage his relationship with his son.   It’s no different in business – if I were to get caught doing something immoral or illegal, it would have a devastating impact on my company and those I love, not just me.
  4. Take Care of it Yourself: Dexter is an impatient serial killer working at a police station hindered by endless processes and politics.   He doesn’t wait for the American legal system to “catch” criminals – he proves their guilt and then eliminates them himself.  If you want to see results or changes at any company, you have to have that mindset and get things done yourself.
  5. Nothing is Black and White: Everything about Dexter’s life is gray.   Is he a criminal or a saint?  A loving and caring or distant and irresponsible father?   Realistically, the answer is yes – he is all of those things.   It’s a challenge, but I’m slowly accepting the fact that few things in life are right or wrong.   There isn’t a set way to do things or a correct way to conduct your life – just be you and get things done!
  6. You’ve Got to Control Your Dark Passenger: Dexter’s dark passenger is the cold-hearted assassin who kills for good.   Whether or not it’s justified, he has an unhealthy appetite for killing that needs to be controlled.   We are all the same way.   No, we aren’t killers – but we all have our weaknesses.  Indulge when you need to – but don’t let your temptations control you.

How does pop culture impact you?   Are there any TV shows that impact your life?   Why do you watch TV?   What other shows should we pay attention to?   Why?