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We’re pretty big advocates of social media over here at 919 Marketing. In fact, you might even call us a little social media crazy. But that passion just means we know a thing or two about what makes consumers tick – and what doesn’t – online. Since the DON’Ts of any marketing medium can affect your marketing message just as much as the DO’s we thought we’d break them down for you.

At all costs make sure you and your business stay away from these easy to make social media mistakes:

Quality Over Quantity

When it comes to composing content for your social account, don’t focus solely on a rapid-fire strategy to dominate your followers’ news feeds. Why? This will most likely result in a mass unfollowing or loss of credibility for your account. Your followers may feel bombarded with your content and over time, they will either tune your messages out or unfollow you altogether. Neither of these options are desirable for your business. The idea behind social media strategy is to craft your posts with quality content and spread them out throughout the day to give followers a break as well as reach different followers.

Don’t Ask for Shares or Retweets

Chalk this DON’T up to spam – because that’s what it looks like. When you constantly ask your fans to share or retweet your posts they may begin to view your content as needlessly salesy. This mistake really boils down to the nature of social media. You’re not being very social if you’re begging your followers to do your work for you. Instead, reserve the ‘please share’ or ‘please retweet’ for your big campaigns or really important messages. When the request is rare it’s much more likely to be interpreted as genuine.

Automatic Direct Messages

Please do not set up an automatic message delivery to your new followers. This tactic also comes off as spam. So much so, that even Twitter asks their users not to resort to the automatic direct message. Remember, we’re shooting for honest and authentic communication. Allow time for your new followers to get comfortable with your brand’s social presence before you begin direct marketing efforts.

No Editorial Calendar

Social media was built on the foundation that you craft and post content instantaneously. Although that is useful for engaging in conversations about real-time happenings, it is also important to have a specific timeline constructed for sharing content. That means, if you know your company has an event or product release coming up, make sure you have posts scheduled for that campaign. Strategically timed placements will make your content that much more impactful.

Have Clean Images

Smartphones are great for catching video and photos for your personal profiles. However, they are not ideal for your business’s purposes. With high-quality graphics becoming the norm, it’s important to have professional photos and images on your social accounts. Think of your image as a direct representation of your brand values. If your photo is blurry or hard-to-understand, it may reflect similar characteristics of your brand and business. Bonus: colorful, professional graphics are more likely to catch your followers’ eye and encourage them to check out your products or services.

Did we miss any big social media DON’TS? How do you create authentic social media conversations?