Stop Renting and Start Creating Your Own Franchise Sales Lead Pipeline

Over the past decade as the Founder and CEO of 919 Marketing Company I’ve had the opportunity to work with an eclectic roster of franchise brands – from high-tech to health care, hair care to elderly care.

Here’s my take on franchise sales: Franchise brands are dangerously dependent on “rented” lead channels for finding franchisee prospects versus creating their own sales channels.

Here’s an Example: Your brand doesn’t own the content on your Facebook page, and Facebook could decide to remove business pages at any time. They are also considering charging a premium price for leads that convert.

Here’s another: It’s entirely plausible that a national broker network purchases and combines 3-4 of the top portals or list houses into a new entity and only offers access to their roster of brands.

Stop Renting and Start Creating Your Own Franchise Sales Lead Pipeline
At the 2018 IFA Conference in Las Vegas, I gave a presentation on this topic. I put together a 10-minute webinar recreated from that presentation. You can watch it at your own pace in its entirety online or you can download it.

It discusses the current state of franchise sales channels, the risks associated with renting versus creating your own sales pipeline to prospective franchisees, and how to build the franchise sales channels you need to survive and thrive in the future. Click on the image or link below to watch the webinar.

Watch The Webinar: Learn How To Own Vs Rent Your Franchise Sales Channels

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