The last impression you make on someone is often just as crucial as the first impression…something to remember when creating your business card. Always think of your business card as your last or lasting impression.

Take Will Smith’s business card in the flick, Hitch.  The movie came out six years ago and to this day, I still remember that five second scene where a possible client is looking at Will Smith’s very unique, small, square business card.


919 Marketing had the same concept in mind and ran with it!  Not only is the shape of our business card unique to the eye and touch with a sharply angled top vs. your typical rectangle, but you’ll also find something else that I’ve personally, never seen on anyone’s business card before…a description about the person on the business card.  Genius!

It sounded a little scary at first – describing myself in one sentence to people who could be vital contacts or future clients of ours.  But it’s actually a beautiful tactic – and sure does make a splash.  Not only does the person receiving our business card remember its unique design but they also get a quick snapshot of exactly who they will be dealing with professionally by how we describe ourselves.

Here’s what my networks will soon be walking away with, in hand…

I challenge you to write two sentences that describes you both personally and professionally.  We’d love for you to share unique business cards that have made a splash with you.