The one mistake that will cost you connections

You’ve taken the time to build your social media profiles, so now you have a strong Twitter and Facebook presence to help promote your business. Congratulations! That’s a big step forward in social media marketing.

But, you could still be missing one vital element.

You might be…

making it hard for potential customers (ie. your website visitors) to find your social media profiles

Or you’re…

not putting your social media profiles on your website(s) period

Wait, that’s two mistakes! Well, they’re two sides of the same coin: not adequately promoting your social media profiles.

Why is that mistake important?

For starters, someone could come across one of your blog posts, like what they see, and wish to share it with their network. If they can’t find your Twitter handle, you could lose the benefit of getting mentioned as the author. For example, they might share the post without adding the handle or they could choose not to share it all. You’re missing a chance to discover who is enjoying your content, or you’re missing the potential spread of your content altogether.

Furthermore, if someone likes what they see on your website, they may wish to follow your social media profiles to stay in touch with you and your latest updates. If they can’t find your social profiles or social media isn’t listed on your site, you lose that chance to start a relationship online and gain a new follower.

When you don’t know who is finding and sharing your content, you miss the chance to form relationships with prospective clients or customers. Those relationships could lead you to higher sales, increased foot traffic, or greater brand awareness. All of those accomplishments are valuable and possible through social media marketing.

Always make it easy for your website visitors to hop over to any of your social media profiles. Provide clearly marked buttons for each of your social profiles in a prominent location on your website’s sidebar. If you do that, then you’ll never have to worry about missing a potential connection again.

How do you make sure you aren’t missing valuable connections?