The power of one bad tweet…and why we’re dressed up like cows.

Several of our number got quite a large dose of humility today due to this tweet… We wanted to share our story and our letter to the Triangle Business Journal. You’re gonna love this!

Dear @TriangleBizJrnl,

We appreciate your daily Tweets,

Especially the ones about good eats.

@ChickfilA #cowday is no joking matter.

We got all dressed up to get a free platter.

The prep time and dress up were such a delight,

But when we arrived, we were met with a plight.

Your tweet didn’t specify the day to arrive,

And through the ordeal, we didn’t think we’d survive.

We now know the link included the date,

But didn’t check ‘til it was too late!

There were laughs, cheers and stares when we all showed up.

We were all so embarrassed, we thought we’d throw up!

It turns out that #cowday is really next week.

We were politely told we were a week early and that there was nothing they could do for us, but that they loved our enthusiasm. We ordered (and paid for) our lunch and drove home with our tails between our legs… literally and figuratively.

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