Did we eat our words when it came to blogging?

I was perusing our website when I came across this old gem of an article we wrote called “To Blog or Not to Blog” in 2006 for our newsletter.  While blogs certainly weren’t a new idea then, their value was still being questioned among mainstream media and businesspeople.

We interviewed top reporters from Business Week, The News & Observer, Wall Street Journal, New York Times, PR Week and other well-respected media outlets and asked them what they thought about blogs.  At the time, their opinions ranged from “I don’t have time to read one” and “I don’t pay much attention to them” to “I like their dynamic nature” and  they’re “a great way to find story ideas”.  But, the general consensus was that they were of little use.

My, my, my how times have changed.  Many of these reporters are now bloggers, and successful ones at that.

We questioned whether or not to leave this article up on our website, considering there isn’t a date stamp.  But we decided to leave it there as an illustration of how we’ve all experienced a mind shift in the value of online media.

So, the article is still there for your viewing pleasure.  But we added a date stamp.