Courtesy: Mattel

In honor of Valentine’s Day, we’re sharing our favorite love-related stories from today’s headlines.  Which are your favorites? What else should be on the list?

Unlucky in Love: Readers Tell of Romance Gone Wrong, The New York Times
My fav. V.D.: When I found out a contracted VD from my date. Oh, the irony!!

Ken & Barbie: We’re Back Together, USA Today
Barbie and Ken are back in love — and by this time tomorrow, they’ll be “in a relationship” on Facebook.

Unexpected People With Roses Named After Them,
Dolly Parton tops the list. See who else inspired a rose.

Valentines Kissing Contest Still Going at 36 Hours,
Seven determined couples locked lips for more than 36 hours to celebrate Valentine’s Day in this southern Thai beach resort town, a landmark “kissathon” that organizers claim marked the longest recorded smooch in history.

Best Kisses in Television History,
An awesome video montage of all the best including Ross and Rachel, Cliff and Claire, Izzy and Denny, and Lucy and Ricky.