An excerpt from the February 3, 2014, edition of the Wall Street Journal:


Clemens and Jessica Lengenfelder at the West Hartford Fred Astaire Dance

“Jessica Lengenfelder met her husband, Clemens, 15 years ago when they were both instructors at the West Hartford Fred Astaire Dance Studio franchise in West Hartford, Conn., and since she took over the business in May 2001, two dozen employees have paired off and dated—in a couple of cases even married.

Dance instructors often become dance partners, so it’s not surprising many fall in love, she says. When Ms. Lengenfelder finds out a couple is dating, she has a joint conversation with them about keeping up a level of professionalism—”No goo-goo eyes at each other”—and when they break up she talks to them separately, telling them to leave their problems on the mat outdoors. Beyond that, the studio has a general written policy
that calls for a level of professionalism emulating Fred Astaire.

“Our business is a happy, friendly business,” she says. “I remind them of what Fred would do.” ”

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