It was announced today that Facebook has had one trillion page views. This really isn’t surprising considering how there are 750 million users.  And that more people spend time on Facebook than any other online network.

One trillion page views is a pretty big milestone.  So, how do I interpret this news? In two ways:

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Businesses need a Facebook strategy.
Believe it or not, we hear from businesses that wonder if they should have a plan for using Facebook.  (Gasp!)  My answer is always yes.  Not having a strategy for Facebook is short-sighted.  Even if your strategy is NOT to use Facebook, so be it.

Facebook might not be the top priority online network for every business, but it should be on the list.  Besides, using Facebook in business doesn’t always mean you need to create a Page for your business.  There are many different, proven strategies that are effective, depending on your line of business.

Google+ has their work cut out for them.
I am a big fan of Google+, and think it is a game-changer.  I agree with Tom Anderson’s latest post that Google+ is here to stay, and that it is more a threat to Twitter than Facebook.  After all, these latest numbers prove that Facebook has some hefty loyalty and engagement that’s going to be hard to break apart.  It will be a long road for Google  when  it comes to stealing market share from Facebook.

So, tell me: Is this just another stat that proves Facebook dominates the social web, or is this a big deal?  Are you using Facebook for business, and if so, how? Are you one of the cool kids on Google+ yet?