We have our frantically updated Facebook page, our streaming Twitter account, even our ‘resume on wheels’ LinkedIn page – just about any and everything someone could want to know about us (and a little more) is right there. However, in the day of instant gratification brought to you by internet, one small piece of cardstock still holds weight – the business card.

Whether a Fortune 500 company or a flower shop beside Harris Teeter, it’s still about that personal touch. Many business owners and individuals still prefer to operate face to face, and until we are handling high dollar deals over Google Talk, put a little thought into something you can leave behind. In a way, a business card is a piece of you that can be taken away from a meeting, keeping your memory fresh in the mind of a prospective client who otherwise may forget about you all together.

Do you have a business card worthy enough to notice? Don’t be so quick to abandon the older way of doing things. After all, what good are countless URLs and links without a one stop place to hold them all? Put some time and effort into these things, and your business card may just champion you over the cardless guy with pretty Facebook pictures.