We are all abuzz today about the premiere of Dancing with the Stars tonight.  Why’s that, you ask?

Tonight, 919 Marketing’s  friend and former client, J.R. Martinez, will become a household name as he and 11 other celebrities dance for their shot at the mirror ball trophy.

Image: RealityTV.About.com

We have worked with J.R. as our spokesperson on multiple campaigns and nonprofits for wounded troops since 2006.   Not only do we think he’s gonna rock out in sequins and silk jumpsuits, but we think he has a good shot at actually winning the mirror ball.  Here’s why:

J.R’s story and the way he tells it will instantly grab the hearts of viewers.  His competitive nature and work ethic means he’ll be the one practicing around the clock until he nails each performance.  Plus, we’ve seen him bust a move, and the man’s got rhythm.

We wish J.R. all the luck in the world, and couldn’t be more proud of him and all that he stands for tonight as he makes his debut on the dance floor.