You know what 2:30 feels like, right?

Oh yes I do.   It’s when I’m sinking into my office chair about an hour after lunch – the computer screen is blurry and my mind is just as hazy as my vision.   Deadlines are fast approaching so I’ve got no time to waste.  It felt like it was 8:30 just 15 minutes ago and I still haven’t made a dent in that to-do list.  So what to do?

I can’t lie, 5 hour energy’s are definitely on the money and my personal favorite energy drink/caffeine related solution for this predicament.   However, I’m not trying to invest $10 or more a week on those tiny bottles that truly give you wings.  Here are a few other more affordable tactics I use to push through and conquer the day:

Hit the Gym: We all have lunch breaks and I often use mine to fit my workout into my daily routine.  Yes, there have been days when I’ve spent way more time trying to hit shots from the rafters during lunch than actually getting a workout in and it is far less of an energy boost.   However, I’ve returned to my college baseball workout plan and it is paying dividends.  I get back to the office feeling good about actually being active and my mind has had an opportunity to reboot.   Try it – you’ll feel great about tearing up the gym and will feel as cool and smooth as the Old Spice Guy.

Kick out the Jams: This may not be the best tactic for everyone, but if you are music person like me, then I know that you have some songs that get you in the zone.   In my opinion, this changes daily.   Some days I need Zeppelin, other days I need James Brown, and, on rare occasions, only Dr. Dre will do.   I’m a drummer and self-proclaimed music snob, so I need some quality tunes in my life to break up the monotony of the day and keep myself creative and motivated.   Maybe you are different – but I can guarantee you that this song will wake you up in the middle of a long Friday.

Take a Walk: I’m not alone at the 919 office on this one.   Everyone here busts their tail to get things done for clients on a daily basis.   We all pitch in to help each other in pinches and priorities can change by the minute.   As anyone in the marketing/PR industry can attest, our work environment is filled with pressure, stress, and numerous deadlines.  Sometimes you hit a roadblock and need a break.  Go grab some fresh air, drive around block, phone a friend – do whatever it takes to blow off some steam and come back refreshed.  For obvious reasons, I’m inclined to find my drum set or a batting cage to avoid becoming the next Andy Bernard, but hey, I won’t judge you if you punch the wall out of irritation one of these days.

And for the days when you’re really tired, perhaps you should try out this unique version of paper toss we play from time to time over at the 919 office.

Hey, nothing like a little smack talking and friendly competition to kick the day back in high gear (particularly when you walk away with the victory!).

Call me old school, but these tactics pay much greater dividends for me then hitting the coffee mug for the fifth time or cracking open my third monster of the day.  But perhaps you know of different, and similarly effective, strategies – care to share?

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