You’re A Rock Star And We Know It

The More Things Change, The More They Stay The Same
I spent over a decade working with entertainers and musicians. From recording studios to concert venues, with a few cruise ships in between, I’ve seen my fair share of rock stars, both literally and figuratively. Of all my experiences, I’d say the vast majority haven’t been with actual rock stars, just people who thought they were rock stars. Regardless, whether it was a show for Vince Neil(quintessential rock star) or in-studio with a wannabe musician, everyone got the rock star treatment.

Fast forward to my time at 919 Marketing Company and I find my approach to client communication and management to be the same here as it was while working in the entertainment industry. Treat everyone like rock stars, even if they aren’t. But here’s the thing: I don’t mean that the way you probably think I do.

Allow Me To Explain
Many people often assume that rock stars are just a bunch of spoiled, petulant children who got lucky because they could play an instrument extremely well. While that may be the case at times, in my experience, that’s actually not the majority. The fact is, many of the artists and bands that I was lucky enough to work with are made up of extremely talented musicians. But, these musicians had to work extremely hard to achieve such talent. Moreover, they had to work extremely hard to maintain, let alone grow, that talent. More often than not, the majority of their time is spent honing their craft and much less of it on other things like staying on top of a tour schedule, working out the details of travel, like hotel and flights, or even the smallest of things like where to get their next meal. This may sound ridiculous to many of you, but these guys make a living selling concert tickets. If the show sucks because they didn’t stay focused on their craft, then no one is buying those concert tickets. Their career is over…and I’m out of a job.

The Real Rock Star Treatment
This is where managers come in and save the day. They help keep these guys on a schedule, book their travel, work with the media to set up interviews or find a good place to eat dinner in whatever city they just landed. So, when I say, “treat them like a rock star,” I’m not referring to the cliché of coddling just because they’re famous. I’m referring to all of the hard work that goes into making sure that this real rock star has the time and space to work on his or her craft so that he or she can keep selling those concert tickets, putting money in his or her pocket (and hopefully putting some in mine, too). That’s what I mean when I talk about giving someone the rock star treatment.

Franchisors Are Rock Stars
Building a company, then deciding to become a franchisor, is neither an easy decision nor an easy process. There are so many obstacles and challenges to overcome, like Why Your Franchisees Hate Youfor one, or how to effectively market the brand to develop more franchise leads and generate more franchise sales. You’ve got a business to run and franchisees to work with; you can’t be expected to handle everything else too.

This is where 919 Marketing Company comes in. We specialize in areas like franchise marketingpublic relationsbrandingsocial media marketing and creative marketing – including full-scale video production. Franchise brands invest in our consumer and franchise development marketing services because we are good at what we do. Real good. We help you sell more franchises, we help your franchisees grow their local businesses, we accelerate national brand awareness, interest and engagement, and we ensure that your brand strategy and messaging are aligned for success. We give you the rock star treatment so you can continue to hone your craft while we take care of the rest.

You Can’t Do It Alone
You need to have a well-defined content marketing strategy in order to survive and grow your franchise successfully. According to Campaign Monitor, you need to be “familiar with trends, patterns and top statistics” to develop a content marketing strategy. It is critical to success. Period.

Our team is made up of PR strategists, TV reporters and producers, videographers, graphic artists, copywriters, and radio and music industry professionals who are experts at creating and distributing engaging content that tells your most compelling brand stories to franchise candidates and your customers.

We recently developed a grand opening campaign for a client and one of their new franchisees. This franchisee was a new entrepreneur and unfamiliar with social media, so we worked with them to develop an effective and localized social media strategy. We made sure that the franchisee understood every aspect of the campaign. We conducted multiple training sessions, including video demonstrations and media training exercises. We researched advertising options and reached out to other business owners in the area that we’ve worked with previously to ensure the prospective advertising outlets delivered a good ROI. We also orchestrated two separate ribbon cutting ceremonies with two area chamber of commerce organizations, inviting local city officials and other local business owners. The campaign was a success because we took care of every detail, so the franchisee could focus on getting their new business up and running. Bottom line: we gave them the rock star treatment.

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