Facebook may be well on its way to breaking another record in 2012. According to a Wall Street Journal report, the social giant could see a valuation of over $100 billion preceding a $10 billion dollar chunk of changed raised from an IPO. With all signs pointing to a public launch sometime in the early to middle part of 2012, an IPO this large would triple Google’s 2004 IPO of $23 billion and land Facebook in the top 10 list of largest IPOs ever. Granted, economic conditions will play a large role in both the timing and valuation of the company – but it’s Facebook, we know.

Still fresh in the minds of the tech-savvy and traders is Groupon’s horrific move to public earlier in the year. With lingering concerns, Facebook’s big move could stall action amongst those unsettled by Groupon’s gaff. All things considered, we’re dealing with a networking site that transcends itself – a site that has made its on space on the web, and one that shows no signs of terminating its pursuit as the king of all things social. How do you think Facebook’s impending move to public will work; a Groupon blunder or a Google victory?