Our Town: The King of New Mover Marketing

May 12, 2019|Earned Media, Uncategorized | 1 Min Read

Our Town was featured in Yahoo! News and QSR Web as a company excelling in new mover marketing. In a world with a myriad of marketing ploys, Our Town keeps it simple and effective by attracting new customers when they first move into town. Many of Our Town’s clients are restaurants, and their team is dedicated to creating long term relationships between new movers and local businesses. Yahoo! News is read by over 59 million people per month, placing Our Town under a huge national spotlight. (Yahoo! News Link:

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919 Marketing’s Graham Chapman Featured in The New York Times

May 12, 2019|Earned Media, Uncategorized | 3 Min Read

Graham Chapman, new business director for the nationally acclaimed, full-service marketing firm 919 Marketing, was featured in the most recent edition of The New York Times Career Couch. The August 1 article entitled ‘When Family Ties Bind Business Relationships,’ provided readers with a variety of perspectives on the challenges professionals face when joining a family-owned business. Chapman was the only family business employee that New York Times writer, Eilene Zimmerman, highlighted in an article that also included Greg McCann, Stetson University professor of family business, David R. Specht, University of Nebraska lecturer in family business management, and Larry H. Colin, […]

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Boost Franchise Social Media Results

May 12, 2019|Shared Media, Uncategorized | 6 Min Read

The social media craze has boxed many franchisors into a corner. To date, lots of time and money has spent with mixed results.    No longer is the importance of social media marketing in question. Today, most franchisors are focused on choosing the right tactics from the evolving list of options. FIRST, BUILD THE ROADMAPWhen going on a vacation, you don’t leave without a roadmap for how to reach the final destination or without plans for specific vacation activities. The same is true for a social media marketing program. It should come as no surprise that social media success begins […]

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Trying to Build a Business? Learn from Coach K

May 12, 2019|Owned Media, Uncategorized | 3 Min Read

Here in the Triangle, everyone loves ACC basketball.  With two of the nation’s most respected programs within eight miles of each other, and a third boasting some of the loudest and most loyal fans in college sports, it’s hard to ignore the battles on the hardwood. Funny thing is, the most successful coach of the three schools (at least for the moment), is the one who started with the least resources.   This is difficult to say as a Carolina fan, but Duke’s Coach K has amassed numbers that speak for themselves – four national titles, eleven final fours, thirteen ACC […]

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Everyone is Replaceable

May 12, 2019|Owned Media, Uncategorized | 5 Min Read

Getting a job these days is competitive and PR firms are looking for employees who can keep up with the high demand from clients.   I’ve had to learn this quickly as I, myself, recently made the transition from the news desk to the PR desk.   There are thousands of candidates out there trying to make that same move, so, it is critical that I prove my worth on a daily basis. Funny as it may sound, the transition hasn’t been that drastic because the same rule still applies – “everyone is replaceable.”  You know how you have certain sayings in […]

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You know what 2:30 feels like, right?

May 12, 2019|Earned Media, Uncategorized | 4 Min Read

Oh yes I do.   It’s when I’m sinking into my office chair about an hour after lunch – the computer screen is blurry and my mind is just as hazy as my vision.   Deadlines are fast approaching so I’ve got no time to waste.  It felt like it was 8:30 just 15 minutes ago and I still haven’t made a dent in that to-do list.  So what to do? I can’t lie, 5 hour energy’s are definitely on the money and my personal favorite energy drink/caffeine related solution for this predicament.   However, I’m not trying to invest $10 or more a week […]

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Think Like a Cactus and Dominate The Next Franchise Conference.

May 12, 2019|Uncategorized | 5 Min Read

I’ll admit it – I have an unhealthy obsession with the late comedian Mitch Hedberg.  His slow drawl one liners comprise a large chunk of my brain’s unnecessary knowledge category.   You guys know what I’m talking about, that portion of a male’s brain that’s dominated by baseball statistics, Dumb and Dumber quotes, and some weird world record they want to break (I spent many a night as a teen trying to best this one).  Ladies, you don’t have this, instead you have a “back pocket come back” category where you store dumb and/or mean things your boyfriend/husband has said to use at […]

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Franchise Marketing and Baseball. It Should Be About Performance, Not Politics.

May 12, 2019|Earned Media, Owned Media, Uncategorized | 3 Min Read

As a former college baseball player, for better or for worse, I apply the lessons I learned as an athlete to the business world.   The lesson that’s translated most directly is “playing my way” into the lineup (not sure what that means?  This description about making the lineup should help).  In college, there were no daddy ball politics and the coach didn’t play favorites – I only played when I had proved to him in practice and during games that I could help the team win.   The parallel to new business sales is unquestioned – if you don’t prove your company’s worth, you don’t […]

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Hint: Great Marketers Are Great Salespeople.

May 3, 2019|Owned Media, Uncategorized | 4 Min Read

Sales folks have a bad reputation.   And, honestly, many of the complaints are well founded.  Too many salesperson very much resemble the used car salesman pictured above – cheesy, brash, pushy – so the “badger” stereotype is typically deserved. So what?   Every job comes with its stigmas (IT pros are geeks, sports agents are sleaze balls, accountants are stiff, etc.) but they aren’t debilitating as long as you do your job well.  Unfortunately, there are a lot of bad marketing and sales people out there who don’t do their job well.  They have reinforced the poor stereotype because they neglect […]

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Must Read Valentine’s Day Headlines

February 14, 2019|Earned Media, Uncategorized | 1 Min Read

In honor of Valentine’s Day, we’re sharing our favorite love-related stories from today’s headlines.  Which are your favorites? What else should be on the list? Unlucky in Love: Readers Tell of Romance Gone Wrong, The New York TimesMy fav. V.D.: When I found out a contracted VD from my date. Oh, the irony!! Ken & Barbie: We’re Back Together, USA TodayBarbie and Ken are back in love — and by this time tomorrow, they’ll be “in a relationship” on Facebook. Unexpected People With Roses Named After Them, Newser.comDolly Parton tops the list. See who else inspired a rose. Valentines Kissing Contest Still Going […]

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