Our Approach

Our Approach to Client Relationships

We strongly believe that all of our best client relationships have the following characteristics.

It All Starts With Strategy

A shared belief that marketing strategy should drive marketing execution.

Collaborative Marketing Plan

A collaborative marketing plan is in place with clear goals and measurable results.

Supportive Management

Senior management (agency and the client) is supportive and actively involved.

Resources Allocated

Marketing resources are committed to generate desired results (people and budgets.)

Teams Over Individuals

View sales and marketing as a team sport – play to win and have each other’s back.

Realistic Expectations

Marketing is a marathon not a 100-yard dash.

Substance Over Flash

Straightforward, substance over hype approach. No tolerance for drama or politics.

Character and Integrity

High-character “do the right thing” mentality by everyone on the team.

Open Communication

Honest discussions, particularly when the seas get choppy.

Keeping the Work Fun

Having fun along the way. Life is too short to be miserable at work or home.

Our Approach to Employee Relationships

Just like with our clients, we strive for the right match with each of our employees. If this sounds like you, learn more about the available positions at 919 on our Careers page.

Goal Setter

You set clear goals for yourself personally and professionally.


You are confident, self-aware and humble.


You are hungry – to learn more from others, to be the best at what you do.


You take pride in your work. You set high expectations of yourself.


You own it. You do what you say are going to do. And you expect others to do the same.


You are prepared and proactive, make things happen versus waiting for things to happen.


You are honest – with yourself, with co-workers and clients.


You are adaptable – dealing with obstacles is just part of the journey to success.


You don’t play politics and have no time for work drama.


You are looking for a fun casual working environment where folks get along.

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At 919 we pride ourselves on our energetic, experience, focused and driven work environment. We only offer our clients the best. Think that's you? Check out our available positions.

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