Strategic Marketing Planning

Create The Roadmap for Marketing Success.

We begin every client relationship with our exclusive LINK® planning process.

We are a national strategic marketing agency with a proven, proprietary process for developing data informed marketing plans.

Our trademarked LINK® strategic planning services combine brainstorming sessions with 919 staff and your internal task force, market research, company and competitive brand assessments then “link” them with the unvarnished perceptions and buying motivations of prospects and customers alike.

We then develop a powerful data informed 12-month content marketing action plan with clear, actionable goals before work begins.

LINK® builds a collaborative vision for both marketing and sales development teams about the sales and marketing challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

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919 Strategic Marketing Planning Services

We provide our clients with a proven, proprietary strategic planning process refined and validated over more than 200 client engagements. Our services include:

  • Pre-LINK® planning process worksheets
  • Planning sessions moderated by 919
  • Primary research
  • Secondary research
  • Brand marketing assessments
  • Competitive brand analysis reports
  • Communication audits
  • Develop collaborative, fully integrated LINK® marketing plan

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