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Stop Guessing About What Content Is Driving Results

The success of your company hinges on your ability to achieve sustained online marketing success, regardless of the industry or your current market position; upstart, contender or market leader.

Just like traditional marketing, online marketing success is all about making an emotional brand connection with the people who control the fate of your company. It comes down to doing 3 things well:

  1. Visibility – winning at organic search engines, reputation management sites and more.
  2. Relevancy – creating content that attracts, engages and motivates prospects.
  3. Conversion – generating orders, phone calls, webinars, opt-in marketing opportunities

The problem is, most brands and agencies are “flying blind” when making content decisions without any tangible marketing analytics insight into the online behaviors of people engaging with their brand.

We’ve analyzed hundreds of websites over
the past 3 years

We’ve got the insights and the analytics to dominate the competition online

Where do these ideas come from?

Without real marketing analytics based on actual behaviors of your prospects on your website and social media:

  • How can you build a smart, informed marketing strategy without understanding what your prospects actually want when they are online or how to provide it?
  • How do you know what content topics drive people to your website, or what content is actually being read or consumed, and the exact content that turns visitors into customers?
  • How do you know if your marketing campaigns are working or what you should focus on moving forward?

With 919 Insights you know what it takes to connect and engage with your prospects throughout the buyer journey. You know what content needs to be created to drive prospects to your website, to educate and build brand trust when they visit your website and social media channels, and most importantly what content is needed to accelerate conversions / leads.

This was an important decision for us—we reviewed a number of impressive national marketing firms. It all came down to 919 Marketing’s strategic insights—its team has a unique understanding of the competitive space, our target audiences and, most importantly, presented a strong vision for building a brand around our point of difference.
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