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We earned our stripes working in the newsrooms of major national TV networks, the boardrooms of the largest international advertising and public relations agencies, and within the brand marketing departments of the some of the world’s largest brands.

Our award-winning staff of marketing strategists, TV Reporters and Executive Producers, social and digital media experts, videographers, graphic artists and copywriters create, produce and distribute great content that tells your most compelling brand stories to prospects and customers.

But at the end of the day, what really sets us apart is our ability to generate and implement breakthrough marketing strategies that differentiate you from the pack.

David Chapman

CEO & Founder

Kristy Woods

Chief Financial Officer

Sue Yannello

Executive VP, Content

Graham Chapman

VP, Account Services

Scott Curkin

VP, Account Services

Nancy Bostrom

Senior Account Manager

Award-winning PR specialist, seasoned storyteller with 20+ years of experience

Mary Lindsaye Boyd

Senior Account Manager

Passionate communicator who believes that storytelling can change the world. Traveling, books, coffee, nature, and food combined with good friends and family are the world’s best gifts.

Joel Eagle

Director of Video Services

Thirty years of video. Not gonna lie, I’ve seen and done a lot. Pretty good journey.

Neil Barbulescu

Sr. Director, Digital Marketing & Social Media

I’m NJ hustle with NC easy going. My motto is marketing is subjective, data is not. Let’s discuss how your digital campaigns can hit the mark.

Tim Holt

Creative Director

Experienced creative director with a demonstrated history in the marketing and advertising industry.

Kevin Behan

Account Manager

Handles multiple accounts and has more than 20 years of experience working in public relations and client representation.

Tammy Delgado

Account Manager

PR powerhouse, TV news veteran, loving mom, amateur baker and fitness freak.

Amanda House

Account Manager

Experienced franchise marketer with the vocab of a well-educated sailor. Give me my dogs, whisky (neat), and the great outdoors and I’m a happy woman! Obsessed with music and Hugh Jackman.

Danielle Durange

Senior Media Strategist

Media Strategist Guru – Passionate about media 24-7! Relationships with key players in local tv, print & national websites. Publicity Delivered.

Nick Adams

Digital Marketing Manager

Hardworking digital marketer who puts clients first. Former collegiate golf player who can still hit them.

Madison Morgan

Account Manager

Passionate about all things digital marketing, and energized by working with clients who make an impact. Constantly rewatching early 2000s TV shows.

Holly Guarino

Account Manager

Driven marketing professional with a passion for learning and trying new things. Powered by caffeine. Hobbies include: traveling, quoting every line of Elf, and being the funniest person I know. Dogs are better than cats. I will never change my mind.

Cara Stein

Account Manager

A professional with a smile who goes the extra mile; never miss a chance to go outdoors and explore; devoted to family; no day but today.

Michael Singer

Account Manager

Die-hard Chicago sports fan. Mediocre golfer. 2002 “Michael Jordan Take It To The Hoop” summer basketball camp MVP recipient. Focused on assisting my clients in surpassing their goals.

Mandy Cline

Account Manager

Retired TV news journalist who loves the combination of great storytelling and creative photography. Enjoys great conversations, craft beer, long runs and The Beatles. Really hates leaf blowers.

Treston Dunn

Account Manager

Creative thinker with a background in video and expertise in leveraging both traditional and digital mediums to drive meaningful growth for brands of all sizes. Oh… and I reaaaalllly like to travel, eat delicious food, and show off my Spanish-speaking skills.

Kristin Michalowski

Account Manager

Former TV news journalist who still loves a good story, but also enjoys having off holidays and weekends to spend time with family. Football wife cheering on the Colorado Buffaloes. Boy mom. Dog mom. Pretty good cook. Pretty bad golfer.

Kirsten Gutierrez

Account Coordinator

Former TV reporter, anchor, and producer with a desire to tell meaningful stories across North Carolina. Now I’m translating those skills to help our clients shine. Tortoise mom to Tuc, Tilley and Korg. Travel enthusiast, sports lover and don’t judge… but I’m a huge fan of Justin Bieber. I’m one of six children with more than 120 cousins. Family is everything.

Rachael Purl

Content Writer

I enjoy using my background in television news to produce high-quality marketing strategies for clients, telling their stories in memorable and shareable ways.

Jennifer Williams

Content Developer

Reformed TV journalist working with purpose, for purpose. It’s good for business and good for life. Let’s get started on living your good life!

Keith Taylor

Media Strategist

Emmy Award winning TV news reporter & visual storyteller working closely with national news reporters, writers and broadcast producers to bring client stories to the nation and the world.

Stacey Fraley

Executive Assistant

Live music, Golden Retrievers, and my family… Perfection!

Jacob Meyer

Account Coordinator

Advertising apprentice. Soothsayer sage. Marketing maestro. Constructive content communications coordinator. Alliteration advocate. Thesaurus owner.

Matt Randall

Account Coordinator

Former multimedia journalist and TV “sports guy” with a passion for storytelling. Now a content pro using media skills and insights to help brands share their stories with the world.

Lu Dumas

Content Writer

God. Family. Country. Oh, and…Dogs. Shopping. Beach!

T.V. News Anchor, Public Speaker, Podcaster, Realtor, Life-Long Learner.

I’ve done or seen it all, so now I write about it!

Jade Earnhardt

Digital Marketing Specialist

Digital marketer with a goal to create deeper connections between brands and consumers and discover new strategies that drive results. Passionate about mission-driven challenger brands, traveling, being active, and investing in others.

Tyler Silverio

Digital Marketing Specialist

Graphic designer and social media marketer using my wide range of skills to help get business names out there. Besides content creation, I love movies, music, and drawing.

Rachel Rust

Digital Marketing Specialist

When I’m not working on digital strategies or photography, I’m probably either cuddling my german shepherd and two cats, or I’m binge-watching Netflix with my husband. Or both. Probably both.

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